Sensitive CICA - NEW

Soothing Serum For Sensitive Skin

Nr Ref DA 316
Pojemność 30 ml

Prone to irritation, allergies and psoriasis. Also recommended during dermatological treatment with isotretinoin. Fragrance-free, prebiotic formula with high skin tolerance, soothes irritations, reduces redness, discomfort and itching of the skin. Moisturizes, smooth and provides skin with comfort and relief, without a greasy feeling. Regular use of the serum also strengthens the skin’s resistance, which becomes less sensitive to washing, detergents, and colour cosmetics.

It contains a concentrated dose of active substances: 2% Centella asiatica (CICA), 0.2% madecassoside, 5% rice milk, urea, panthenol, Bioline, canola phytosterols, vitamins A and E.

Directions: . Apply and gently massage into the skin of the face and neck, then use the selected cream also from the Sensitive line. Best use before end of: Date and Batch No. on the package.