Sensitive CICA - NEW

Soothing Mask For Sensitive Skin

Nr Ref PN 274
Pojemność 150 ml

Prone to irritation and allergies.Also recommended after treatments provoking skin irritation – strong acids, microdermabrasion, microneedle mesotherapy, RF. The prebiotic, moisturising mask concentrate formula reduces redness, irritation and skin hyper reactivity. Leaves skin smoother, calm and brighter.

It contains a concentrated dose of active substances: 2% Centella asiatica (CICA), 0.2% madecassoside, 5% hydroxyethyl urea, 2% panthenol, 1% Bioline, hyaluronic acid.

Directions: 10 ml (7.5 g according to the attached measuring cup) of the soothing concentrate over the pressed mask “pastille”, gently spread and apply on the face. Leave on the skin for 15 minutes. Do not rinse. Date and Batch No. on the package. Best used before : end of The set contains: Concentrate, 14 pcs. Non-woven mask, measuring cup.