Serum For Capillaries

Nr Ref DA 241
Pojemność 30 ml

A concentrated serum, immediately absorbed into the skin, for topical application on dilated capillaries and fixed erythema. The serum gradually reduces the skin’s reactivity to temperature, stress and spicy food, and by strengthening the endothelium it also reduces the intensity of skin redness and calms the “peristalsis of the vessels”. Moreover, the serum improves the complexion, and reduces discolouration and minor imperfections. When used regularly, the serum reduces the propensity to form new telangiectasias, so-called spider veins, and significantly relieves hyperreactive skin.

Contains: 2% Redyless , ® 4% Pronalen Aesculus, Helichrysum hydrolate, vitamin PP, hyaluronic acid, Helichrysum and linseed oil.

Directions: Twice a day on capillaries, then apply a selected cream from theAnti-Redness line. Best use before end of: Date and Batch No. on the package.