Mask For Couperose Skin

Nr Ref PN 189

An intensely soothing and erythema reducing sheet mask for phase I and II couperose and rosacea skin. A mask made using pressed fabric activated with a capillaries concentrate immediately and noticeably reduces hot flush, “tenderness” and skin irritation. It reduces the intensity and extent of skin hyperaemia, leaving it visibly brighter and “paler”. It also moisturizes, and creates a pleasant cooling and relaxing feeling.

Contains: 2% Redyless , 3% Pronalen Aesculus, Helichrysum hydrolate, atelocolla- ® gen, hyaluronic acid, urea.

Directions: Cover the mask with 10 ml Concentrate, then moist the mask and gently stretch and put on the face. Leaveon the skin for 10-15 minutes. Do not wash. and Batch No. package. Best used before : The set contains: end of Date on the Concentrate, 14 pcs. Non woven mask, measuring cup.