Hyaluron Plus

Hyaluron 3% Intensive Moisturizing Gel Serum

Nr Ref DA 349
Pojemność 30ml

Intense hydration gel serum formulated with a unique blend of two highly concentrated active forms of low-molecular-weight (2%) and high-molecularweight (1%) hyaluronic acid. It is recommended for all skin types, also in the eye area, for users of all ages. The serum acts as a moisturizing compress, smoothing out the skin and protecting it from water loss. Lowmolecular- weight hyaluronic acid penetrates through the cornified layer of the epidermis to lastingly bind moisture in the skin. It maintains proper hydration levels, reducing the depth of superficial wrinkles and providing the skin with firmness and elasticity.

Directions: Gently rub 2 doses of serum into the skin in the morning and evening. Follow with an appropriate Norel facial cream.