Re-Generation GF

Active Anti-Wrinkle Serum – Growth Factors And Astaxanthin

Nr Ref DA 224
Pojemność 30ml
Ultra-light, creamy serum for mature skin 60+. Concentrated formula contains lifting Tens'Up 5%™, 3% BIO-placenta (5 growth factor - IGF-1, EGF, acid FGF, basic FGF, VEGF and folic acid in liposomes) and double dose of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis alga – a powerful antioxidant, 6.000 timesmore potent than vitamin C. They protect and activate the growth of skin cells and stimulate the synthesis of pro-collagen type I. from the first application the serum moisturizes and improves skin tone. Result?Wrinkles are filled, and the skin becomes more dense, supple and radiant.

Directions: for day and / or night under the cream.