Dr. Krystyna Wilsz, the owner of NOREL Dr. Wilsz, has passed away.
Krystyna Wilsz was a doctor of biology, a person with extensive knowledge, a visionary who was always looking for new, innovative active ingredients and treatment methodologies.

Dr. Krystyna Wilsz created the foundations of professional cosmetics in Poland. She wrote the first teaching programs for beauty schools. She created the first Polish cosmetics using active ingredients such as ceramides or hyaluronic acid, which only many years later became a standard in cosmetics. Dr. Krystyna Wilsz introduced and promoted the concept of cosmetic microneedle mesotherapy in Poland. It is currently one of the basic and most popular cosmetic treatments in beauty salons in Poland. Dr. Krystyna Wilsz developed the concept of genetic cosmetology, where cosmetics and treatments are individually selected based on genetic tests.
Dr. Krystyna Wilsz was the owner of the NOREL Dr. Wilsz company from 1982, one of the three oldest private cosmetic companies in Poland, which is a continuation of the activity of the laboratory of M.A. pharmacy A. Makowska, founded in 1961
Thanks to the vision, passion, extraordinary energy and charisma of Dr. Wilsz, NOREL Dr. Wilsz is currently the leading brand of professional cosmetics in Poland and Europe. NOREL products are available in 35 countries around the world. There are NOREL Dr Wilsz Cosmetic Institutes in Warsaw and Dubai. In Singapore, there are 40 beauty salons operating under the NOREL Dr Wilsz brand.
There are no words to describe how great a loss this is for all of us personally and for our company. It is also a commitment to continue this wonderful tradition.
Jakub Wilsz with the NOREL Dr. Wilsz team

Funeral ceremonies will take place in Warsaw on May 10 at 1:00 p.m. in the Post-Camaldolese Church in Bielański Forest https://lasbielanski.pl/